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Key Articles

ShamanismWhat is Shamanism?

Since there are many indigenous traditions that involve the practice of shamanism it is not easy to find a common definition of the term. One element however, that seems to lie at the core of all shamanistic traditions, is a practitioner reaching an altered state of consciousness… Read More

Healer WithinWhy Shamanism is Working so Well

When it comes to health and wellbeing, there seem to be a million solutions these days. “Try this diet! Eat this pill! etc. ” Not only is this confusing, but many solutions leave out a critical aspect; our minds! What shamanistic cultures have known throughout ages… Read More


The Science behind ShamanismScientific Proof that Shamanism Works

When we think of a shaman, we cannot quite shake the idea that he is a “primitive”. Nevertheless, there is in fact an amazing new science that proves that their practice is more than just “Hocus-Pocus” Not only has shamanism shown to have incredible health benefits, but also spiritual ones… Read More

Purpose of LifePsychedelic Plants and the Purpose of Life

When our thoughts are out of alignment with our values and dreams, mental and physical problems often result. One thing that many psychonauts find is that the symptoms they experience do not to stem from a childhood trauma, but rather from living a life that betrays their desires…. Read More

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